REAL Watersports Triple-S Invitational

REAL Watersports

REAL is the home of the Triple-S Invitational. There is always something going on at main event site, live music (7 Parties/7Bands) on the waterfront stage, incredible Triple-S kiteboarding action and the best food and drinks on the island at Watermen’s Bar & Grill. All events are hosted at REAL unless otherwise noted.

All Events are Spectator and Family Friendly : OPEN to the Public!

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The event is permitted to run at the following locations:

The REAL Slick:

One of the most iconic spots in the world, the REAL Slick is not only an amazing flat water slick & slider spot, it’s also a superb viewing arena for spectators to get in on the action!

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The South Side (Ramp 55):

Due to the unique shape of the island, you can kiteboard in any wind direction. The South side allows riders to kite in waves and is one of our primary locations for the event.

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The Lighthouse:

Cape Hatteras’s most famous feature marks the spot for this spot, which features waves ranging from waist high mush to double overhead monsters!

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There are a range of other spots that we can run the contest at and we will announce locations and directions on a case by case basis.