Andre Phillip Interview

Andre Phillip, “Godfather of the Triple-S”

Andre Phillip, dubbed the “Godfather of the Triple-S” has competed in every single Wind Voyager Triple-S since the event began in 2006. Freedom Kitesurf Magazine recently caught up with Andre to talk about the history of the event and what to expect in 2015:

FKM: What do you think the Triple-S has done to influence the development of the sport of Kiteboarding?
Dre: I’m not sure if much people remember but there was a time when only a handful of kiteboarder’s rode boots, built sliders/kickers and lived the park style of riding. This style of kiteboarding was very small and dying out but thanks to a few soldiers who lived for this style as well as the Triple-S you can see that all of this helped develop the sport to what it is today…

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Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine