What is Venyu?


You’ve probably heard about “the cloud” – Venyu is the cloud for business. As a technology solutions provider, Venyu owns and operates three commercial data center facilities in Louisiana and leverages them for services such as cloud hosting, online backup, and data center hosting for clients nationwide. Each solution is customized to fit the client’s unique technology situation.

Venyu makes data invincible for clients such as The Kraft Group (New England Patriots), State of Louisiana, Lamar Advertising, Baltimore Ravens, and Woman’s Hospital.

Venyu Triple-S Invitational
What does a technology company have to do with kiteboarding?! The sport is highly technical in nature and ever evolving – this year is a perfect example with the format change to the Triple S competition. Venyu’s CEO, Scott Thompson, has been a surfer his whole life and fell in love with kiteboarding several years ago. He saw an opportunity to partner with the REAL Watersports team and help take the event to the next level. And here we are – the 2014 Venyu Triple S Invitational has been the biggest yet and will only grow in years to come.

Learn more about Venyu
Feel free to reach out via Twitter.com/Venyu or www.Venyu.com