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Enjoy the latest action, interviews, galleries and more from the Triple-S Invitational


Video: Brandon Scheid Highlights

Brandon continues to set the standard with his powerful of riding! Consistently landing new tricks and going more inverted than anyone else, Brandon placed 2nd in slicks and sliders while making the final for...

Victoria Soloveykina

Video: Victoria Soloveykina Highlights

Victoria was a standout all week with her impressive arsenal of tricks and great attitude. Winning the surf division and placing second in slicks, it’s no wonder that Victoria made the podium placing second...


Video: Sam Light Highlights

For the second year in a row, Sam Light claimed the combined win at the Triple-S by winning first place in sliders, 2nd place in the surf and making the finals in the slicks!...


Video: Colleen Carroll Highlights

As the reigning champ, Colleen definitely brought her a-game to this year’s event with some more outstanding performances across the board! Colleen won 1st place in women’s sliders and slicks while placing 3rd in...


Video: Aaron Hadlow Highlights

Aaron Hadlow raised the bar once again in this year’s event with incredible performances in the surf and the slicks. Since Aaron wasn’t able to complete his qualifying heat in the sliders event he...


Triple-S Winner Interviews

Sam Light: 1st Place Combined | 1st Place Sliders Aaron Hadlow: 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Surf Colleen Carroll: 1st Place Sliders | 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Combined Victoria Soloveykina: 1st...


Triple-S Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational. Mens: Men’s Surf: 1st – Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $4,000 2nd – Sam Light (GBR) $1,700 3rd – Tom Court (GBR) $900 Men’s Slicks: 1st...

Triple-S Invitational

Photo Gallery: Day 4 (Slicks)

Action from day 4 of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational. The wind filled in around 5pm allowing us to run all of the women’s Slicks and the qualifying rounds of the men’s Slicks.


Video: Day 4 – Slicks Highlights

On day 4 of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational we ran the women’s slicks finals and the first few qualifying rounds for the men’s slicks. Men’s slicks finals still to come!

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2014 Venyu Triple-S Open Results

The 2014 Venyu Triple-S Open took place on Saturday May 31st in excellent conditions. With 18 riders competing for the chance to be in the main event, the level of competition was outstanding. After...


Warm Up Session – Monday May 26th

With less than a week to go until the start of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational, theres an all star cast in town warming up ahead of the event. Here’s a quick video with...


Welcome to the Island

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the Triple-S Invitational (or ride in the Slick), this video short from Cineaptic will warp you right back to those happy times. Stoked for this year’s event!...


The Godfather of the Triple-S

You’ll often hear Andre Phillip, or simply “Dre”, referred to as “The Godfather of the Triple-S”. Dre has pulled down more silver than anyone at the Triple-S since it’s inaugural run in 2006. He’s...


2014 Schedule of Events

Spectator and Family Friendly : OPEN to the Public! Friday, May 30th • Triple-S Open Riders Meeting 9am • Triple-S Open 11am • Dub Island DJ Set 6pm-10pm Saturday, May 31st • Welcome Dinner...


Wildcard Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted a wildcard for the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational. We received 41 entries from 13 different countries and were blown away by the level of riding. If you haven’t...


Video: 2014 Wildcard Finalists

The results are in! Find out who won. Huge thanks to everyone that submitted a video wildcard for the 2014 Venyu Triple-S. Congratulations to all of the riders below for making the final cut....


Video: 2014 Wildcard Entries

The entry period for wilcard videos is now over. Men: Queney Sebastien Simon Schneider Bret Sullivan Alex Campet Aymeric Martin Finn Behrens Julien Kepski Sandro Haubenwallner Diego Fernandez Sean Buell Noè Font Paulino Pereira...

Triple-S Invitational

Photo Gallery: Day 5

Cape Hatteras is a big kid’s playground and there’s plenty to do on no wind days. Wednesday’s forecast was light so the riders made the most of enjoying their time on the island!

Triple-S Kiteboarding

Photo Gallery: Day 4 Slicks Finals

The Slicks finals took place at the Frisco washout with a unique format that involved 2 runs per competitor. On each run, riders were asked to do 2 tricks going out and 2 tricks...