Triple-S Kite Camp from REAL Watersports

Triple-S Kite Camp
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Cost : $1295 pp

REAL is stoked to announce the Triple-S Kite Camp!

The Triple-S Kite Camp is a one of a kind opportunity for up and coming riders to improve their skills with coaching from Triple-S champions Jason Slezak, Sam Bell, Brandon Scheid, Eric Reinstra, and Brian Smith.

The Triple-S Kite Camp is hosted at REAL one week after the Triple-S Invitational to take advantage of these riders being in town and will also feature appearances from additional Triple-S invited athletes.

Surf, Slicks and Sliders
“Triple-S” stands for surf, slicks and sliders and this is the focus on the Triple-S Kite Camp. Just like the Triple-S Invitational, we’ll pick the best location and riding discipline for each day!

With access to over 70 miles of Atlantic coastline, and rideable waves in every wind direction, the Triple-S Camp will strike the best breaks to hone your kitesurf skills. Our focus in the waves will be to improve your waveriding skills, both strapped and strapless. This time of year typically sees strong SW winds which gives us two surf scenarios: side-offshore waveriding on the north side of the island and side-onshore waveriding and jumping on the south side of the island. Learn from the Pros and up your game in the surf!

Cape Hatteras is known around the world for the flattest water with the most consistent winds. With “The Slick” right in our backyard, and the “Planet of the Apes” only a few miles away, we’ll take you to the goods, then coach you through your next series of flatwater tricks. With rider/coaches that we have assembled for this camp, we can teach you any trick in the book, from handlepasses, to kite loops and everything in between or combined!

Don’t get intimidated… just get ready to slide! With exclusive access to the REAL Slider Park, the Triple-S Kite Kite Camp is your ticket to upping your game on the rails. From the easy to slide to the macking 82ft JWCF A-Frame, the REAL Slider Park is all exclusively YOURS for the duration of the camp! Whether it’s your first day on rails or your looking to gap the John Wayne, the Triple-S coaches are there to help you achieve your goals!

Who’s the Triple-S Camp for?
We see two different groups signing up for this camp. There’s a new generation of groms coming up through the ranks. These kids are getting better every year and the Triple-S Camp will give them direct access to pro kiter/coaches like 2010 overall Triple-S Champion Brandon Scheid, plus the REAL Slider Park! On the flip side, who wouldn’t want to kite with the power team we have set up for this camp?! We’re already seeing a good level of interest and excitement from seasoned intermediate to advanced kiters would want to up their game by riding with and being coached by the Triple-S Kite Camp coaches.

Wind and Waves!
June normally sees a strong “Bermuda High” weather system off our coast with consistently strong SW winds, and air/water in the 80’s. Surf during June sees a combination of longer period East groundswells mixed in with SW windswell generated by the consistent SW winds from the Bermuda High weather pattern.

Watermen’s Retreat is located directly beside REAL with waterfront and waterview condominiums. Simply walk downstairs, pump up your kite on 4 acres of Bermuda grass, and hit The Slick! Watermen’s Bar & Grill is right onsite, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. Check out live music during the Sky Blue Summer Concert Series. It’s all right here, just footsteps away from your doorstep at Watermen’s Retreat!

More Info
Space is limited and with the international spotlight on the Triple-S Invitational, this camp will definitely fill up quickly. For more information on the upcoming Triple-S Kite Camp or to book your space(s), please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

Triple-S Kiteboarding Camp