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For the 8th year of the event, the 2013 Triple-S took a major leap forwards. With a collection of new features in the REAL slider park, a new format and $20,000 to play for the event was hotly contested.

Congratulations to the event winners: Sam Light, Mens Sliders: Sam Light, Mens Slicks: Aaron Hadlow, Jason Slezak & Colleen Carrol.

Triple-S Invitational

Photo Gallery: Day 5

Cape Hatteras is a big kid’s playground and there’s plenty to do on no wind days. Wednesday’s forecast was light so the riders made the most of enjoying their time on the island!

Triple-S Kiteboarding

Photo Gallery: Day 4 Slicks Finals

The Slicks finals took place at the Frisco washout with a unique format that involved 2 runs per competitor. On each run, riders were asked to do 2 tricks going out and 2 tricks...