2013 Triple-S Competitors

The Triple-S Invitational attracts the top freeride kiteboarders in the world. The final list of riders and wildcard winners for the 2013 Triple-S Invitational includes: Click Photo for info about each rider.

Aaron Hadlow Triple-S Alex Fox Triple-S Andre Phillip Triple-S Bear Karry Triple-S Billy Parker Triple-S Brandon Scheid Triple-S Brian Smith Triple-S Chad Worrall Triple-S Claire Lutz Triple-S Colleen Carroll Triple-S Craig Cunningham Triple-S Davey Blair Triple-S Eric Rienstra Triple-S Evan Netsch Triple-S Greg Norman Jr Triple-S Jake Kelsick Triple-S James Boulding Triple-S Jason Slezak Triple-S Joby Cook Triple-S Jon Modica Triple-S Kris Kinn Triple-S Lulu Vroman Triple-S Mark Miedama Triple-S Paula Rosales Triple-S Rich Sabo Triple-S Rick Jensen Triple-S Sam Bell Triple-S Sam Light Triple-S Sam Medysky Triple-S Sensi Graves Triple-S Teddy Lyons Triple-S Tom Court Triple-S Matt Elsasser Triple-S Matt Sexton Triple-S Ewan Jaspan Triple-S Victoria Soloveykina Triple-S