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Video: Brandon Scheid Highlights

Brandon continues to set the standard with his powerful of riding! Consistently landing new tricks and going more inverted than anyone else, Brandon placed 2nd in slicks and sliders while making the final for surf. By the end of the week Brandon’s results across the 3 different disciplines yielded a 2nd place finish combined!

Video: Victoria Soloveykina Highlights

Victoria was a standout all week with her impressive arsenal of tricks and great attitude. Winning the surf division and placing second in slicks, it’s no wonder that Victoria made the podium placing second combined!

Video: Sam Light Highlights

For the second year in a row, Sam Light claimed the combined win at the Triple-S by winning first place in sliders, 2nd place in the surf and making the finals in the slicks! Sam’s level of riding continues to rise and we’re stoked to have him be part of this event.

Video: Colleen Carroll Highlights

As the reigning champ, Colleen definitely brought her a-game to this year’s event with some more outstanding performances across the board! Colleen won 1st place in women’s sliders and slicks while placing 3rd in the surf. That combination meant that Colleen cleaned up and placed 1st combined for the second year in a row!

Video: Aaron Hadlow Highlights

Aaron Hadlow raised the bar once again in this year’s event with incredible performances in the surf and the slicks. Since Aaron wasn’t able to complete his qualifying heat in the sliders event he ended up 3rd place combined. Aaron also won best session for his standout performance in the REAL Slick during the slick finals!

1st Place Slicks
1st Place Surf
3rd Place Overall
Best Session

Triple-S Winner Interviews


Sam Light: 1st Place Combined | 1st Place Sliders

Aaron Hadlow: 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Surf

Colleen Carroll: 1st Place Sliders | 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Combined

Victoria Soloveykina: 1st Place Surf

Tobias Holter: Rookie Of The Year

Brian Smith: Slickstyle Attitude Award

Triple-S Results


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational.


Men’s Surf:
1st – Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $4,000
2nd – Sam Light (GBR) $1,700
3rd – Tom Court (GBR) $900

Men’s Slicks:
1st – Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $4,000
2nd – Brandon Scheid (USA) $1,700
3rd – Rick Jensen (DEU) $900

Men’s Sliders:
1st – Sam Light (GBR) $4,000
2nd – Brandon Scheid (USA) $1,700
3rd – Chad Worrall (USA) $900

Men’s Combined:
1st – Sam Light (GBR) $4,000
2nd – Brandon Scheid (USA) $1,700
3rd – Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $900


Women’s Surf:
1st – Victoria Soloveykina $1,600
2nd – Hope Levin $650
3rd – Colleen Carroll $350

Women’s Slicks:
1st – Colleen Carroll $1,600
2nd – Victoria Soloveykina $650
3rd – Hope Levin $350

Women’s Sliders:
1st – Colleen Carroll $1,600
2nd – Claire Lutz $650
3rd – Sensi Graves $350

Women’s Combined:
1st – Colleen Carroll $1,600
2nd – Victoria Soloveykina $650
3rd – Hope Levin $350

Best Session:
Aaron Hadlow (Slick Session) $1,000

Rookie Of The Year:
Tobias Holter (Standout in Sliders and Slicks) $1,000

Best Wipeout:
Mary Lacroix Samson (for MASSIVE crash in the surf. Unhooked off a HUGE wave with a large kite loop). $1,000

Slickstyle Attitude:
Brian Smith $200

Day 5 Highlights: Slicks and Surf Finals

Day 5 of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational saw some serious SW juice in Cape Hatteras. With riders lit on 6m and 7m kites, they put on an incredible show in both the Slick and the ocean.

This highlight video includes action from the men’s slicks finals (held in the morning) and the complete surf event (held in the afternoon).

Men’s Slick Finalists:
Aaron Hadlow
Sam Medysky
Evan Netsch
Chris Bobryk
Tobias Holter
Brandon Scheid
Rick Jensen
Sam Light
Eric Rienstra