2014 Triple-S Open

The Triple-S Open is a competition that will be held directly before the Triple-S Invitational on Friday May 30th, with Saturday May 31st as the back up day if we need it for conditions. The Triple-S Open is open to the public and will act as a qualifying event for the Triple-S Invitational. All Triple-S Open competition will be held directly behind REAL and registration is capped at 32 riders. All participants must register here: Triple-S Open Registration.

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Our first Triple-S Open Riders Meeting will be on Friday, May 30th at 9am underneath the Red Bull tent with first possible heats starting at 11am. We will run elimination heats to determine the top male and female rider in the OPEN, who will then advance into the Triple-S Invitational, scheduled for May 31st – June 6th.

All Triple-S Open competition riding will be held directly behind REAL, scoring both flatwater freestyle and sliders/kickers. We will use the same judging system and judges for both the OPEN and the Invitational to provide consistent scoring and results.

Why have the Triple-S Open?

We have added this event as a way for more interested riders to participate in the Triple-S experience, plus as a showcase to find new talent on the water.

How will it work?

During the Triple-S Open, we will hold elimination heats to allow for less crowded conditions on the water and also more focused judging in a shorter period of time. At the end of the Triple-S OPEN there will be Triple-S Open Winners, and we are guaranteeing at least one direct placement into the Triple-S Invitational from the OPEN winners. If more space is available due to no shows or injuries, we will have the ability to add more riders from the top places in the Triple-S OPEN, but as of now we are only guaranteeing #1 first place a seed into the Triple-S Invitational event.

What if I want to submit a Wildcard Video?

If you want to cover all possible entry bases your best bet is to enter the Triple-S Open to guaranty you have a spot in that event (capped at 32 riders), and then to also submit a wildcard video. In the event your wildcard video is chosen as a winner, your Triple-S Open entry fee could be applied directly to the main Triple-S Invitational entry fee. Submit your Wildcard Video HERE

We’re looking forward to having everyone back in Cape Hatteras!