Press Release: New Format Details

Triple-S Invitational
Photo: Jason Lombard

May 30, 2014

All-in on wakestyle, and reemergence of “the jam.”

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA — Friday, May 30, 2014: Building upon eight years of evolution, the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational is pleased to announce that it is reintroducing the original jam-style format of the event’s early days.

Much like a kiteboarder forging a new trick, last year’s event blazed a trail through the unknown, introducing a precise and accurate scoring system, headed by the first-ever panel of judges. It insured a fair way of determining which riders truly deserved podium prestige and hefty paychecks.

With a polished, cutting-edge scoring system now in place, and after listening to rider feedback, event directors have decided to integrate two very important aspects of the Venyu Triple-S Invitational. This involves blending the original spirit of the event with the structure needed to determine which international competitors deserve a share of 2014’s immense $40,000 prize purse. While riders and organizers all agree that a judging panel is needed, this new format offers a harmonious solution.

In short, the new format is designed to minimize the feeling that riders are actually competing against one another, while reinstating a sense of unimpeded, progressive freeriding. (Think: it’s just a bunch of laid-back, passionate kiteboarders pushing one another, and the sport as a whole.)

What this looks like for the trio of disciplines — Surf, Slicks, and Sliders — is as follows. (And of course, since each discipline can be fully run in a single day — just like last year — the remaining three days will be reserved for nothing but uninhibited, next-level, jam-style madness.)

Instead of a one-rider-at-a-time slopestyle setup for the entire Slider discipline, the qualifying heats will involve 30 to 45 minutes of freeriding through the REAL Slider Park. Scoring one obstacle apiece, five judges will track the no-pressure, sport-changing action and then convene to determine which male and female riders advance. Come semi-finals, however, the format will switch back to traditional slopestyle, where all eyes will be on one rider at a time as the flock of competitors cycles through the park. Once the heats end, the pure jam will be on!

Featuring the most radical format changeup of all, this year’s Surf discipline involves twintips and boots rather than strapless wave slaying on kitesurf boards. (Stay tuned: REAL Watersports is launching a new surf-specific kiting event in the fall of 2014.) Given that Surf is now a drastically new event, organizers have decided to run co-ed qualifying heats of 8 to 10, with riders cycling through a set of buoys, throwing their sickest inverts and spins of the watery kickers. Once the heats end, the jam will be on!

Similar to last year’s Slicks format, riders will showcases their best tricks in flatwater conditions. From qualifiers to finals, all heats will be run in groups of 6 to 12 competitors, in a one-rider-at-a-time fashion. Immediately following the finals, the entire mass of world-class kiters will throw down in a frenzy of excitement and inspiration until the sun goes down.

Similar to last year, each discipline can be fully run in a single day, which leaves an entire half of the event dedicated to nothing but uninhibited, sport-changing, jam-style progression.

The 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational is sponsored by Venyu, REAL Watersports, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Best, North Kiteboarding, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Slingshot, DAKINE, KOA, Arnette, SBC Kiteboard Magazine, KiteSpain Magazine, Carolina Brewery, Red Bull, Watermen’s Retreat, Watermen’s Bar & Grill, Outer Beaches Realty, Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals, OBX Surf Info, Toyota of Elizabeth City, Manteo Marine and 99.1 FM The Sound.