Pre Show Episode 2 Event Format & Park Setup

In this episode, we’re going through the park overview and setting the stage for the 12th annual Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Trip Forman, Jason Slezak and Davey Blair are back behind the desk to educate and entertain. Craig Cunningham shares his perspective of the North Kiteboarding A-Frame, the most accessible feature in the park and where we will witness the most technical presses in the competition. REAL teamrider, Eric Rienstra talks about how to blast off the Core Kiteboarding Super Kicker, what will score well and what tricks we will likely see from the Men’s and Women’s divisions. After our guest sections, we will go over Event Format, each competitor will get three hits on each feature with one pass allowed. Once they have three hits under their belt their highest scoring hit will be counted towards their overall score. This format allows riders to either go 100% on their first hit or play it safe and build up to more technical maneuvers in their second and third hits. Check back through the weekend for another episode of the Pre Show. Once the Invitational begins we will transition into the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show, where you can catch all of the action from each day.