Wildcard Video Contest Winners

2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Wildcard Winners from REAL Watersports on Vimeo.

Since 2008, kiteboarders from all over the planet have assembled their best footage to submit for the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest. Each year, the best wakestyle riders scour their hard drives for the “A+” clips, then hit the water and session their brains out to stack a few last-minute tricks into the edit. Standout riders from kite spots all over the world hold nothing back, showcasing their talent on a wide variety of kicker and slider features. The results are nothing short of mind-blowing, an incredible snapshot of the wakestyle kiteboarding scene.

Men’s 1st Place: Alex Maes

Alex Maes stood out above the rest. With a clean 900 off the Core Super Kicker, technical slider riding, minimal zeaching, huge kicker hits, and excellent style shown throughout the whole edit from his tour kiting around the world. Maes is the clear victor in the Wildcard Video Competition. This is an edit that most invited riders would be stoked to release. After such a solid performance Maes has clearly earned his spot in the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational amongst the wakestyle elite.

Men’s 2nd Place: Pierre Vogel

Pierre Vogel is going huge throughout this whole video, from the sketchy skate inspired flat drops to his stratosphere breaking kicker hits this rider charged through the whole video. Taking second place in the Men’s division earned Pierre Vogel a spot in the main event of the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

Women’s 1st Place: Isabel Von Zastrow

Isabel von Zastrow is a Wind Voyager Triple-S newcomer. She’s breaking into the park riding scene with big hits off kickers, technical slider riding, and speed in and out of every feature. Isabel von Zastrow is making her mark and is receiving a well-deserved invitation to the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

The Winners of the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard contest were chosen based entirely on park style riding.  Riders were not judged on any video editing skills, lifestyle, cable riding, boosting, or traditional freestyle kiteboarding.  The focus is on sliders, kickers and park style features.  Alex Maes, Pierre Vogel and Isabel Von Zastrow followed the guidelines set in the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard rules and rode their way to victory in the 2017 Wildcard Video Contest.

Congratulations to the winners Alex Maes, Pierre Vogel, and Isabel von Zastrow who will be competing against the world’s wakestyle elite in the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Thank you to all the riders and viewers of the Wildcard Video Contest. There is still a chance to get in the main event via the Wind Voyager Triple-S Open. The top 2 men and women’s 1st place will move on to the main event starting just after the Open Competition.