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FINALS Photo Gallery

After a morning wind hold, Final round competition began with one large “Super Final” heat run for each division…


Video: Aaron Hadlow Highlights

Aaron Hadlow raised the bar once again in this year’s event with incredible performances in the surf and the slicks. Since Aaron wasn’t able to complete his qualifying heat in the sliders event he...


Triple-S Winner Interviews

Sam Light: 1st Place Combined | 1st Place Sliders Aaron Hadlow: 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Surf Colleen Carroll: 1st Place Sliders | 1st Place Slicks | 1st Place Combined Victoria Soloveykina: 1st...


Welcome to the Island

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the Triple-S Invitational (or ride in the Slick), this video short from Cineaptic will warp you right back to those happy times. Stoked for this year’s event!...


The Kite Show at the 2013 Triple-S

This year The Kite Show team were at the Triple-S Invitational to experience the world’s greatest kiteboarding event. Here is a clip from the show featuring behind the scenes footage, interviews and more!