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John Wayne 82ft Slider Facelift

Crystal clear and raising the bar to a whole new level. Most people will look at this picture and scratch their head 🤔. The @joinjohnwayne 82ft slider is getting a facelift for the upcoming #WindVoyagerTripleS. Ever since Hurricane Irene, the center gap had been scabbed back together and permanently installed, meaning no opportunity to take it out mid-event, effectively raising the bar on level of difficulty. Now that’s all going to change. Joby Cook of #Jibstruction has been a busy beaver rebuilding this center section from scratch. New aluminum, new plexi, new HDPE sliding surface. Plus easy in, easy out. Start thinking of the tricks that are gonna be thrown between the peaks. This year…the gap’s coming out. #JohnWayneCancerFoundation #BlocktheBlaze @windvoyager #theworldisnotready