Here yee, Here yee ! All rise and take witness to the 2008 Triple-S Wildcard entrants!

The Triple-S Invitational will take place in Cape Hatteras, NC May 31 – June 6th and is on track to be the number #1 freeride kiteboarding event in the world!

The 2008 Triple-S Invitational is an international “invite only” freeride kiteboarding event. Beyond the original 24 Triple-S invites sent out to riders around the world, there is one remaining space available for the “Triple-S Wildcard” Winner. Please find below all 2008 Triple-S Wildcard entrants and rider videos. You can view each rider video by clicking on the link below the rider name.

We will be reviewing these videos between now and Monday May 19th and will announce the winner of the Triple-S Wildcard winner on Tuesday, May 20th.

Tom Court:

Ian Daly:

Brandon Breuil:

David Hastilow:

Will Caldwell:

Aaron Hadlow:
Aaron Hadlow Wild Card Video

Alex Fox:

Sam Medysky:

STAY TUNED to this website for more information about the Triple-S Invitational and the 2008 Wildcard winner!