The Triple-S Invitational will take place in Cape Hatteras, NC June 5th – 11th and is on track to be bigger and better than 2009!

The 2010 Triple-S Invitational is an international “invite only” freeride kiteboarding event. 3 spots will be allotted to wild card invitations! These will be given to the best 3 rider videos received by April 1st.

We will be reviewing these videos between now and April 15th and will announce the winners of the 3 Wildcard Spots along with a complete list of participating riders.

Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Brian Smith

Bryan Lake

Cameron Prest

Chad Worrall

Chris Burke

Dan Sweeney

Eric Worrall

Eric Rienstra

Forest Bakker

Henning Sandström

James Boulding

Jesse Richman

Jamie Barrow

Karolina Winkowska

Luke Whiteside

Marek “Murphy” Zach

Matias Ricci

mike scott

Rick Jensen

Sam Light

Wesly Matweyew

Triple-S event sponsors include REAL Watersports, Outer Beaches Realty, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Kona Brewing Co., Red Bull, Oakley, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best Kiteboarding, Naish, Dakine, Kiteboarding Magazine, Hooters and MOJOs Sunset Café