2011 Triple-S Invitational

THANK YOU to all the Triple-S riders for attending and riding in this year’s event. THANKS also to all the Triple-S spectators who came out every day and night to cheer them on!

SPECIAL THANKS to all the 2011 Triple-S Invitational sponsors including REAL, Kona Brewing Company, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Outer Beaches Realty, Watermen’s Retreat, Ocean Atlantic Rentals, Best Kiteboarding, BWS, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Loopio Light and Sound, LTR, Red Bull, Oakley, Dakine, Kiteboarding Magazine, Rebootizer and Mojo’s Sunset Café!

Don’t miss next year’s Triple-S Invitational June 2nd-8th in Cape Hatteras, NC!

2011 Triple-S Invitational Final Results

Men’s Surf
1. Mark Miedama
2. Josh Mulcoy
3. Jon Modica
4. Sam Bell
5. Davey Blair

Women’s Surf
1. Adriana Harlan
2. Bruna Kajiya
3. Lulu Vroman

Men’s Slick
1. Aaron Hadlow
2. Billy Parker
3. Sam Light
4. Brandon Scheid
5. Brian Smith
Women’s Slick
1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Kris Kinn
3. Lulu Vroman
Men’s Slider
1. Billy Parker
2. Brandon Scheid
3. Aaron Hadlow
4. Sam Light
5. Tom Court

Women’s Slider
1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Lulu Vroman
3. Kris Kinn

Men’s Overall
1. Brandon Scheid
2. Brian Smith
3. Billy Parker
4. Aaron Hadlow
5. Davey Blair

Women’s Overall
1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Lulu Vroman
3. Adriana Harlan

Best Session
1. Billy Parker
2. Aaron Hadlow
3. Brandon Scheid

Best Wipeout
1. Brandon Scheid
2. Brian Smith
3. Jake Kelsick

Slickstyle Attitude Award
Jason Slezak, who then gave it to Joby Cook!

Rookie of the Year
Rick Jensen

Grinch Winch Rail Jam
1. Billy Parker
2. Chris Burke
3. Sam Light