Wind Voyager Triple-S Featured on : 10 Reasons Why the Venyu Triple-S Rocks

When you think of action sports, innovative contest formats, and larger-than-life events and parties, you can’t help but think about Wind Voyager Triple-S sponsor Red Bull. Red Bull supports a huge number of events, projects and athletes, including Wind Voyager Triple-S competitors Aaron Hadlow and Christoph Tack. REAL Co-Founder Trip Forman recently linked up with Red Bull to talk about the top 10 reasons the Wind Voyager Triple-S is a “must see” event for kiteboarders all over the world:

#10: 10 parties and 10 bands
This one’s easy – 10 parties and 10 bands to celebrate 10 years of Wind Voyager Triple-S! This year’s headliner is triple-platinum dance hall reggae rocker Future Fambo and the Dubplates.

#9: Nine years of Wind Voyager Triple-S champions…
… recognized for leading the sport of kiteboarding to where it is today.

#8: 8pm…
… is when the party starts. The Wind Voyager Triple-S opening ceremonies and awards ceremonies both start officially at 8pm on May 30 and June 5. These are the big bangers of the week.

Colleen Carroll
2014 Women’s Combined Champion Colleen Carroll

#7: The Wind Voyager Triple-S poster signing starts at 7pm…
… on May 30 and June 5. Spectators can take home the official event poster signed by every Triple-S rider.

#6: This year’s Wind Voyager Triple-S recognizes six founding fathers of progressive kiteboarding …
… with the new Masters division.

#5: The REAL Slider Park has five different features…
… and is the largest and most advanced kiteboarding slider park in the world.

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Sam Light
2014 Men’s Combined Champion Sam Light