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Competition Day 2 at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational started out with variable wind conditions and overcast skies. After putting the event on wind hold for several hours, Final round competition began for the Women’s and Men’s Divisions with one large “Super Final” heat run for each division. The entire group of Women’s Division and then Men’s Division riders focused on one obstacle, covering their 3 attempts per rider, before moving on to the next feature. Competitors progressed from the North rail to the KOA kicker, followed by the Liquid Force Rail and the Core Kicker. One of the major highlights of the day was Christophe Tack claiming the $900 Wind Voyager Challenge Series by stomping the first ever 900 landed in kite park competition. The competition day ended near sunset with riders competing on the 82ft. John Wayne A-frame Slider.

Final results will be announced at the Awards Party on June 10th at REAL Watersports, starting at 6pm.