Official Event Trailer

The world's best kiteboarding event starts in just 3 days. Here's the official event trailer to whet your appetite. https://vimeo.com/96734170

Photo Gallery: Day 6

Photos from day 6 of the 2013 Triple-S including the legendary Sunset Swim Bikini Fashion Show.

Photo Gallery: Day 5

Cape Hatteras is a big kid's playground and there's plenty to do on no wind days. Wednesday's forecast was light so the riders made the most of enjoying their time on the island! [gallery link="file" columns="5"...

Photo Gallery: Day 4 Slicks Finals

The Slicks finals took place at the Frisco washout with a unique format that involved 2 runs per competitor. On each run, riders were asked to do 2 tricks going out and 2 tricks coming back in. As a spectacle, it was one of the most amazing parts of the entire...

Photo Gallery: Triple-S Day 4 Surf Event

Photos from the surf event held in the morning on Day 4. Conditions were on the small side but there was plenty of wind and some amazing competition! [gallery columns="5" link="file"...

Photo Gallery: Triple-S Day 3

Day 3 of the 2013 Triple-S offered up solid SW winds in the morning allowing us to run the men's and women's slider finals.

Photo Gallery: Triple-S Day 2

Sunday, June 2nd was one of the best days of park-style riding we've ever seen and it all went down in the REAL slick with the world's best riders. [gallery columns="5" link="file"...

2013 Triple-S Open: Photo Gallery

The Open took place in light but steady conditions out in front of REAL. Competitors put on an awesome show for the spectators in a mixture of freestyle and park riding. [gallery link="file" columns="6"...