Video: 2008 Triple-S Session Report #3

The REAL Triple-S Invitational Day 3 in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina!

2008 Triple-S Invitational sponsored by REAL, Red Bull, Outer Beaches Realty and John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

Day 3 of the Triple-S Monday June 2nd

After a frontal boundary pulled through the region winds switch to the North-East, filling in 15-20 knots. The Triple-S Invitational with it’s mobile format headed south to Kite Point to take advantage of the clean wind conditions and flat water riding the inside pool.

Kites went up at KP at 1pm and riders began sessioning the flat water, Red Bull Flat Rail and REAL Kicker just inches away from the spectators lining the beach!

In what originally looked to be the lightest wind day of the week, most riders were fully powered on 13-14 meter kites and throwing down moves that most people have never scene. Having events like the Triple-S at Kite Point provides the ultimate spectator venue as all the action is within arms reach of the spectators sitting on the beach or lounging in their vehicles.

The KP scene built throughout the day as the clouds cleared, temperatures rose and the riders stepped up the action. Local Cape Hatteras rider and Triple-S invitee Evan Netsche as well as Brandon Schied lit up the water with both flat water moves and powered moves off the real kicker. “Early Worm” Sam Bell took the green flag at KP and scored the Red Bull Flat Rail before anyone realized it was 1pm eastern time not 1pm Hawaiian time. The unique on the move format allowed the event to change locations to where the conditions were best for the day. It’s why the top riders travel from all over the world to participate in the Triple-S Invitational.

As if 6 solid hours of riding wasn’t enough many of the Triple-S riders then headed to the nearby Buxton Skate Park for a sunset bowl session, followed by an evening poker party that went well past 4am. After 3 days of Triple-S action the riders have logged over 24 hours of water time; the lighter winds of Tuesday look to provide a well needed rest as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will see the return of pumping South-West conditions.

The preliminary schedule for Wednesday includes the infamous Planet of the Apes down-winder, together with many canal slicks, land gaps, dock and house riding. Opening up an 8 mile stretch of water to the event that ranks among the top down-winders in the world!