Welcome back to the Wind Voyager Triple-S Pre Show. In this episode, we’re running through the Judging Criteria. What does it take to score well? What’s going to add and what will deduct from the riders overall scores? After Trip, Davey and Jason run us through the judging process, Craig Cunningham and Eric Rienstra share their take on what the judges are looking for on the North A-Frame and the Core Super Kicker.

The Challenge Series continues this year, with the prize purses rolling over and doubling from last year. The first women to stomp a 720 will be awarded $1440 and the first rider to stomp the 1080 in competition will receive $2160. These two tricks will be world firsts, pushing the level of kiteboarding and the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational to new heights. Check back in for our next episode. We will break away from the Pre Show and focus on the action in the main event on the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show.