The REAL Triple-S Invitational Day 5 in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina!

2008 Triple-S Invitational sponsored by REAL, Red Bull, Outer Beaches Realty and John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

Day 5 of the Triple-S Wednesday June 4th

At the riders meeting the decision was made to run the Slicks portion of Surfs, Slicks and Sliders. The Venue … the ever popular and infamous Planet of the Apes downwinder, 8 miles of downwind insanity!

Kites were up at twelve noon at mile marker 46, and what followed was the most progressive groundbreaking down-winder that was ever seen in the waters off Cape Hatteras.

Winds throughout the day were SW with tops at 25-30+. Air and water temp hovered in the mid 80s, and the kites ranged from 5m to 9m. While the boards ranged from a 4’10 strapless surfboard to booted wakeboards.

While most of the riding during the week has focused on sliders and kickers, Wednesday’s action focused on flat water, open water and aerial freestyle maneuvers.

This run featured huge airs, massive kite loops, mental handle passes and non-stop action from the moment the riders launched until landing their kites three hours later.

Many people might question what groundbreaking actually is, but when you see Ruben Lenten throwing huge 30 foot kite loops, unhooking mid-air to do a flat three on the way down, then re-hook-in and spin the bar before landing that is groundbreaking…

The level of riding of all the competitors in the Triple-S has stepped up from last year, both in sliders and after Wednesday’s Downwinder of flat water riding.

The difference in the style and action from the first 3 days to the 4th day was fun and exciting to watch from either the beach or the fleet of boats and jetskis that followed the competitors. One of the best parts about The Planet downwinder is the canal to canal gaps, man made docks, gazebo rails and the variety of terrain that exist along the coastline of the 8 mile run. Many of the recreational riders do the same downwinder missing most of these features.

The flat water, canal exploration, canal to canal gaps and other features found along the coastline are what make this downwinder arguably the most interesting and sought-after downwind runs in the world.

The six main locations ridden during the day were the first 2 false points prior to The Planet Island, followed by The Planet of the Apes Island itself. Then a long series of canals and slick riding, followed by several docks and gazebos, and a grand finally session in The Slick.

Three hours of non-stop action had most of the riders seeking shade, food and water from 3-7pm. The action came alive from 7pm until dark behind the REAL Lesion Center in Waves, as all the Triple-S riders sessioned the REAL Dock Slider and John Wayne Double Wide and through-down every powered wake-style trick in the book.

All in all this was another picture perfect day on the water, which added variety, excitement and even more adrenaline to the Triple-S fire.

Conditions for Thursday sees west south west winds and the competitors heading to the “south side” to ride the waves.