The REAL Triple-S Invitational Day 6 in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina!

2008 Triple-S Invitational sponsored by REAL, Red Bull, Outer Beaches Realty and John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

Day Six of the Triple-S Thursday June 5th

Day six of the 2008 Triple-S Invitational saw the competitors meeting under the Red Bull tent at 10 am then heading to “The South Side” of Hatteras Island for a Wave Kiting Session, across Highway 12 from the Ferry Docks.

Riders packed their gear, loaded their rides and made the 45 minute trip south down Highway 12 to the chosen riding venue of the day. Once there the riders were greeted with waist high surf, side to side onshore winds in the 15-18 knot range, air temps in the mid to upper 80’s and ocean temps have warmed up to 70 degrees. Equipment of choice for almost all of the riders seemed to be Kites in the 12-16 meter range and Kite Surfboards ranging from 5’6-6’5 in length.

One of the things that separates Professional Kiteboarders from Recreational Kiteboarders is the ability to turbo-charge sometimes marginal conditions. After witnessing Jon Modica and Davey Blair’s performance in the surf you’ll agree that it is equally impressive what they can do in light winds and more so in that some riders couldn’t even ride in some of the lighter winds of the day.

Kites went up at 12 noon and stayed in the air until 3:30pm, riders then headed north to Ramp 23 just south of Salvo to catch an impromptu Surfing Session as waves have risen on the north side of the island to chest high with off shore winds making for the Ultimate Surfing and Standup Paddleboarding Session.

Now that all three disciplines of the Triple-S, “Surfs, Slicks & Sliders” have been completed competitors are looking forward to the Triple-S Awards Party being held in the back yard at REAL on Friday evening 6-10pm. This party is sponsored by Red Bull and always promises to be one of the best nights of the week with music, food, drinks, Triple-S slideshow and video as well as the awards.

Awards will be given for each discipline of the Triple-S: Surf, Slicks & Sliders 1st through 3rd for both Men and Women, as well as Men’s Overall and Women’s Overall, Best Session, Best Wipeout, Slicks Style Attitude Award and the 2008 Triple-S Poker Champion. Last Years Poker Tournament Champion Jon Modica has already racked up over $600 in winnings in the 2008 event and is well on his way to cinching the title again.

The first meeting on Friday was held at 10am, based on the initial conditions it was decided to put the event on hold until 2pm in hopes that the SW winds would build for one last session prior to the Triple-S Awards Party.