Special THANKS to all the sponsors that make the Triple-S possible! Triple-S Invitational event sponsors include REAL, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Red Bull, Outer Beaches Realty, Oakley, Kona Brewing Co., Ocean Builders, Watermen’s Retreat, MOJOs Sunset Café, Icelandic Water, Dakine, Surfrider Foundation, Chucktown, Kiteboarding Magazine and Slingshot.

The 2009 Triple-S Invitational continued to fire all day on Wednesday, June 3rd with perfect SW winds in the 25mph range and blue sunny skies. Riders headed back up to The Slick for a day of REAL Slider Park action!

Dylan Tompson hits the REAL Dock Slider in style during the 2009 Triple-S

Dylan Tompson hits the REAL Dock Slider in style during the 2009 Triple-S

Wednesday saw riders hitting every feature of the REAL Slider Park including the new John Wayne Cancer Foundation rail, the REAL Flatbar, REAL Funbox and REAL Kicker. Powerful SW winds saw riders again on kites in the 7m-9m range with air/water temps both in the 80’s.

Billy Parker, Jon Modica, Reo Stevens, Ian Alldredge and Kevin Langeree headed upwind to Wind Over Waves to flat water session the two small islands off the coast, as well the Wind Over Waves Pier. These riders showed the true potential of both strapless and strapped riding in flatwater, on twin tips, wakeskates and strapless surfboards, all destroying the session with moves that were blowing the camera mans’ minds! The final session of this flatwater trip saw Reo and Kevin “acid dropping” the Pier, free falling 10ft back down to the water, landing on their surfboards and riding away clean! Kevin even pulled out his twin tip and nailed a perfect skate-style hand plant on the pier railing!

Back down to The Slick with even more kicker and slider action. 16 year old Jake Kelsick from Antigua was blowing up the REAL Kicker, while Sam Bell wrote some new stories on how the REAL Flatbar needs to be ridden ! On one slide, we even witnessed Sammy pull out a beer, pop the top, and toast the cameraman on the way off! The JWCF rail was set up for the goofy foot riders, just downwind of North Point. This rail continued to be one of the favorites of the day with riders learning all their regular foot tricks of the previous day in the new goofy foot direction. With the REAL Funbox just downwind, Triple-S riders could hit the JWCF, then turn and hit the Funbox on the way downwind. It was the same for the REAL Flatbar upwind. Flatbar first, then JWCF, then Funbox . Tons of hits!!!

Wednesday night saw Mojo Collins and his 6-piece blues band rocking out from 7-11pm on the back deck of REAL at MOJOs Sunset Café. All the Triple-S riders were joined by Cape Hatteras locals, Triple-S spectators and Mojo Collins fans who drove from as far away as New Jersey to watch the waterfront concert. (They didn’t even know the Triple-S was happening, or even what kiteboarding was !) 7 Parties and 5 Bands kicked it hard on Wednesday night, climaxing with the final song where all the musicians solo-ed and Mojo brought down the house with his powerful guitar playing style.

Thursday’s forecast was for SW winds building into the afternoon, but an approaching front swatted the winds and saw Triple-S riders towing behind PWCs, sessioning the REAL Flatbar and Dock Slider until dusk. Friday’s forecast is for STRONG S going SW winds and good surf, so expect the Triple-S to move to the waves, to complete the final discipline of the 2009 “Surf, Slicks and Sliders” Invitational.