The 2010 Triple-S Invitational is sponsored by REAL Watersports, Outer Beaches Realty, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Kona Brewing Co., Red Bull, Oakley, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best Kiteboarding, Naish, Dakine, Kiteboarding Magazine, Chucktown, Hooters and MOJOs Sunset Café

Saturday, June 5th, The first day of the 2010 Triple-S Invitational boasted A+ conditions. With 20 knot SW winds in place, a classic Cape Hatteras Slick and Slider session took place. The REAL Slider Park was set up right out front of the REAL Flagship Store.

Along with the iconic John Wayne Cancer Foundation 80’ slider, the new Liquid Force Green Slider (wall ride) was debuted. Andre Phillip, Sam Bell and Tom Court were standouts on their first session on this wallride. The REAL Dock Slider was sessioned by Sam Light, Chad Worrall, Petter Johnson and Eric Reinstra. Susi Mai, Chris Burke and Greg Norman were dialing in tricks on the Naish Flat Bar, while Brandon Scheid, Aaron Hadlow, James Boulding and Jason Slezak were attacking the JWCF Slider. The session drew well into the evening as DJ Chela started to pump things up out of the RED BULL NXT for a giant crowd that filled the decks and most of the back yard. Triple-S rider introductions, a Triple-S poster signature session and a deck pounding dance party followed that lasted well into the night.

Triple-S riding, athlete interviews and nightly Triple-S Sunset Parties continue at The REAL Flagship Store with live music every night. Tonight (Monday) on the back deck from 6-10pm, we have The Plainfield Project out of Chucktown, SC. A funky blend of rock/reggae, these guys are in for a great Triple-S experience with great weather and a pumped Triple-S spectator crowd!