The 2010 Triple-S Invitational is sponsored by REAL Watersports, Outer Beaches Realty, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Kona Brewing Co., Red Bull, Oakley, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best Kiteboarding, Naish, Dakine, Kiteboarding Magazine, Chucktown, Hooters and MOJOs Sunset Café

Sunday, June 6th, Day #2 of the Triple-S Invitational saw juicing SW winds that started in the 25knot range and built throughout the day. The Wilder Brothers kicked off the Triple-S Sunday Brunch at 12noon where bacon pancakes and North Carolina Pulled pork (with bacon) omeletes could be enjoyed, along with mimosas and Kona Pipeline Porter (a dark draft beer with a hint of Kona Coffee brewed in!) This new Sunday tradition was enjoyed by the riders and spectators alike, as the deck was packed throughout the entire performance (12noon to 4pm).

Sunday’s Triple-S riding action was divided into 2 sessions. The first was a “balls out”, nuking downwinder from The Planet of the Apes back to REAL. This 8-mile run showcases some of the best flatwater riding Cape Hattera has to offer, as well as multiple land gaps and natural silders, such as docks, gazebos, duck blinds, etc.

The cranking 30-40 knot winds left everyone overpowered on their smallest kites and ready to pull the trigger. Leaving from The Planet launch, Brandon Scheid was throwing a 10foot wall of spray on a 8m LF Havoc with 10m lines. That’s how windy it was! Every rider was on 8m or smaller, with most sizing down to 4-6m for session #2. Oh yea, not a cloud in the sky, 90 degrees and sunny. Go the Carolina SW! It was so windy in fact, the Red Bull Event tent, snapped it’s main support pole which is heavy duty gauge aluminum about 6 inches across!

Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten’s skill and comfort in those wind speeds proved why they are the kings of the mega loop. We’re not talking about simply going high and then looping the kite underneath them. They’d do this, plus unhook and throw handle passes, plus grabs, plus re-hook and un-spin the bar like they were hitting snooze on their alarm clocks. All of this in one jump! It was ridiculous.

2010 Triple-S Wildcard winner, Sam Light, was pulling butter smooth wake tricks off as if it was only blowing 20 knots. Eric Rienstra, Brandon Scheid, Chris Burke, Billy Parker, Davey Blair, Bruna Kajiya and Susi Mai were giving it their all in the nuking winds. Susi’s smallest kite was a 7m and she easily would have been powered on a 4m! Along the downwinder, the canals were carved to bits and everyone was boosting to the moon. There was a ton of carnage with people trying to pull technical handle passes at mach speed. It was the “run of the mega loop” and spectators along the way were shouting in support when each one was thrown.

After a quick break and some food and beverages from MOJOs Sunset Café, the REAL Slider Park was moved up to The Slick for Session #2. Chad Worrall, Andre Phillip, Brandon Scheid, Greg Norman, Aaron Hadlow, all had some great runs on the 80’ JWCF and the Liquid Force Wallride in the over powering winds. The Slick Island Pier was PACKED with spectators cheering on the riders well past sunset into the darkness. Riders and spectators all ended the night with dinner, beers and music on the back deck at REAL.

After two solid days of riding at this year’s Triple-S, not a peep was heard after 11pm Sunday night as the riders all hit the sheets early and everyone is amped for the riding and live music ahead for the rest of the week! Tonight, (Tuesday Night) from 6-10pm, we have Camp-F playing LIVE at the Triple-S Sunset Party, should be a great night to come out and enjoy the Triple-S action!