Monday and Tuesday of Triple-S 2010 saw lighter winds, but great slider action behind the skis and epic performances on the stage by The Plainfield Project out of Charleston, SC and Camp-F out of Cape Hatteras, NC. Both bands drew HUGE cheers and applause from the crowd as they finished each song and set.

7 Parties, 7 Bands : Here’s what The Plainfield Project had to say about performing at this year’s Triple-S Invitational:

“Awesome! The guys said it was by far one of the sickest shows they’ve ever played! Thanks for having us!“ – The Plainfield Project

The Triple-S kicked back into high gear Wednesday as the wind filled in from the SW. Lighter winds on Wednesday morning saw the Triple-S riders removing the center (clear) gap in the John Wayne Cancer Foundation Slider. This had been in the plans for the past year and now was the perfect time as the crew was ready to step it up a notch!

At 2pm Wednesday the SW winds filled in and instantly shot into the 20’s with gusts tapping near 30mph. With the center section removed, and a cranking SW wind, the wipeout carnage began. Nearly everyone was bucked off the JWCF Slider at least once. There were some all time spills and some even better hits. Brandon Scheid was doing huge gap threes, while Davey Blair and Aaron Hadlow had some massive gap front board slides. Everyone was charging and we mean everyone. In order to hit the JWCF with the gap section removed, you have to be going mach speed and just go for it. Otherwise, you came up short and crashed into the rising (and very fixed) wall. This made for one of the all time sessions of the 2010 Triple-S Invitational.

The BEST Kicker saw plenty of action in two locations this session, first for the goofy footers off North Point and then by the regular footers in the main lane of The Slick. Billy Parker and Petter Johnson stuck some insane 5’s and large indy glides. Billy came incredibly close to sticking a clean 7 handlepass of the Best Kicker and was killing that part of the session!

Wednesday night saw Mojo Collins and his 5 piece blues rock band blowing up the Triple-S stage. The band ROCKED out to a standing ovation, whistles and applause. Mojo commented after the show, “Trip, we haven’t had that much fun in a long, long time!”

“Triple-S” stands for Surf, Slick and Sliders. With “Slicks and Sliders” completed, the only discipline left to conquer was the “Surf”. Triple-S event Co-Director Trip Forman made the call for kites up at 7am at Ramp 55 south of Hatteras Village. “We had strong SW winds Wednesday afternoon and all night into Thursday, where the wind was going to continue to clock WSW then W. Putting the crew down there at sunrise was the call for achieving the best conditions for surf kiting.”

Alarms sounded at 5am and the southbound road train pulled out of REAL at 6am headed for The Southside. Riders were greeted by WSW shifting W winds of 20+ and chest to shoulder high surf……SCORE! Conditions that were supposed to deteriorate throughout the morning, only improved as the riding went on.

Standout riders of the surf session included Ian Alldredge, Josh Mulcoy, Jon Modica, Davey Blair, Sam Bell and Andre Phillip. These guys were just plain killing it! We saw strapless airs, frontside and backside barrels, un-nameable transitions, and countless ax-murdering power hacks. As the wind shifted more side offshore, the riding just got better and better……

With all three riding disciplines in the bag, the Triple-S crew enjoyed a great beach day Thursday afternoon with perfect longboard surfing and SUP waves, a great vibe and some quality naps! Thursday night’s band, Soul Taxi, drew a big crowd and an even bigger ovation as they rocked the house. Friday saw everyone getting ready for the blowout party of the week with Dub Island Sound System!

Stay tuned for the final Triple-S Session Report with complete results and wrap up!

The 2010 Triple-S Invitational is sponsored by REAL Watersports, Outer Beaches Realty, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Kona Brewing Co., Red Bull, Oakley, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best Kiteboarding, Naish, Dakine, Kiteboarding Magazine, Chucktown, Hooters and MOJOs Sunset Café