Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA — June 7, 2012
Cape Hatteras’ Lighthouse and Kite Point went off again, delivering an epic setup on Wednesday for the second consecutive Triple-S Trifecta — world-class Surf, Slick and Slider riding all in one afternoon.

Like the day prior, the show kicked off at Kite Point, where the waist-deep flatwater paradise dished up a lightly-rippled canvas, perfect for the world’s best to showcase and push the forefront of the sport. Ranging from S-mobe 540s, Slim Chance 540s, Back Mobe 540s, and backside Slims to massive grabbed KGBs, crow mobes, double S-bend-to-blinds, and much more, competitors stunned the crowd who sat at water’s edge, just feet from the breath-taking action. Men and women alike demonstrated an incredible level of stylish grabbed moves, executed with precision, power, control and grace.

And as the flatwater action went off, so too did the obstacle riding. With the Naish Kicker anchored front and center, riders took turns booting into a wide range of clean, stylish and difficult spins and inverts — many of which pushed the sport to new heights.

When the two hour-long heats wrapped up, the event moved south to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for a round of Surf. Featuring steady wind and head-high to overhead waves, the conditions were even better than Tuesday.

“Yesterday was really good,” commented pro surfer and Triple-S competitor Josh Mulcoy. “All in all it was smooth and like a point break. You’d tack up to the jetty and then ride down from the point. It was totally like surfing, which is hard to find.”

“In the seven years of Triple-S, that was the best kite surf conditions we’ve ever had,” commented Jason Slezak, Triple-S co-creator and competitor.

Following the dual hour-long kite heats, the crew returned to the REAL Watersports compound for a black-and-white-themed dress-up party and great live tunes provided by Chucktown Throwdown. As the festivities wound down hours later, the party moved off-site, where the band setup in a nearby living room and the after-party raged well into the a.m.

Two days of the world’s best Surf, Slick and Slider riding remain.

The 2012 Triple-S Invitational is supported by REAL Watersports, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Outer Beaches Realty, Stance, SBC, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Best Kiteboarding, BWS, Naish, Dakine, Arnette, Skullcandy, Rebootizer, Red Bull, Soloshot, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, Watermen’s Retreat, MOJOs Sunset Cafe.

And a special thanks to the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau for sponsoring the 2012 Triple-S Session Reports.

Words: Brian Wheeler, Photos: Bryan Elkus